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Online Furniture store

Online Furniture store

The main purpose of developing Online Furniture store project which brings an entire furniture shop online and makes it easy for both buyers and seller to make furniture deals. Online Furniture Store is the web based project that allows users to check for various furniture available at the online store and can purchase furniture online. The project consists of list of furniture products displayed in various models and designs. The website displays all the information about furniture including furniture description, price, delivery information, material details, etc. This platform allows sellers to register through online and they can sell furniture products through online. The seller can login to the system and they can view received orders through online. Administrator is the main user of the website who has full authority of the website.

This project has following features and scopes:

  • This Online furniture shop is used to automate furniture selling online and it is implemented with inventory management system. This will track complete inventory of the shop.
  • Helps furniture shops to automate furniture selling online. This allows multiple sellers to sell products through online.
  • An online furniture store that allows customers to check for various furniture available at the online store and purchase online. The project consists of list of furniture products displayed in various models and designs. The user may browse through these products as per categories
  • This project has unique feature where customer can customize his order. The Customer can customize the furniture item by entering item details, features and specification, colour, etc. The sellers can view the customer customized order details and they can send budget for the customized order.
  • Customer has option to make payment through online. After making payment the system generates bill or invoice.

Programming Language:

We use HTML, CSS to make the entire frontend. The middle tier or code behind model is designed in PHP. All the record stores in the MySQL database. We use javascript, jquery, AJAX for validation.

There are 3 types of users using for this system.

  • Customer: The customers are the buyers one who can buy furniture through online.
  • Seller: The sellers are the vendors one who can sell furniture through online. Seller can upload furniture details which can be viewed in the website.
  • Administrator: Administrators are the website owners who can monitor complete features of the website.

Modules of Online Furniture Store

  • Customer profile module: Here customer can view his orders and billing records. Anyone can view furniture details but to purchase furniture user need to be registered to the system by entering Name, email ID, Password, etc.
  • Furniture module: In the furniture module customer can view all furniture lists with name, image, description, price, etc. The furniture details will be stored in each category. Sellers can add furniture details with specification and cost. The customers and visitors can view furniture details through online.
  • Furniture Category module: The furniture records are divided into categories. The customer can filter category wise furniture. Only the administrator can add different types of furniture category.
  • Furniture customization module: If customer needs any customization in the furniture then they can share the ideas with any Furniture design and specifications. Customer can order Beds, Wardrobes, Sofas, Dining sets, Chairs, Shoe racks, Tables, etc under customized order. The price will vary for each and every customization. The sellers can view customers customized order request through online. Seller can send the quotation for customized order. If customer accepts quotation then seller can deliver customized order products to the customer.
  • Billing module: The billing module allows customers to make payment through online. They can order multiple furniture items through online after adding items to the cart. After successful payment the system generates receipt and it displays in the order report.
  • Offer module: In the offer module the admin can set discounts during festivals. Admin can create promo codes and they provide promo code to the customers to increase their business.  
  • Contact module: In the contact module the customer can directly contact with seller. Customer can view replies in the mail or Customer account.
  • Tax module: The GST tax varies to all the products. In the tax module the admin can set tax for each and every furniture. The tax calculates automatically while making payment.
  • Dashboard module: Dashboard module is for admin and only the admin can manage whole website. This module allows to admin to add employee records and it provides brief statistics of all the inventory records.
  • Master module: This is the master module where admin can add website settings record. Admin can add furniture categories in this module.
  • Report module: This modules is for administrator where admin can view order details, sales details, etc. Admin can filter the records day wise, month wise, weekly and with customized date.

Video Demo of Online Furniture Shop Website:

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Download Link contains:

  • Complete Source code with sample database
  • Complete Project documentation (100+ pages).

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