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Online Career Guidance System

Online Career Guidance System

The Online Career Guidance System / Online Career Portal is a web based application that can be accessed to handle the various processes involved in Career Guidance system. The system may be used to automate the workflow of company recruitment process and their approvals. It gives opportunity to student apply for job via online also keeps tracks of all students details. Company can upload job offers and they can view job applications. Administrator can upload training materials and he can monitor the website.

The college has established the Career Guidance in view of helping students to get useful and systematic Guidance on Careers open to them in their respective field of study. An attempt is made to hold campus recruitment for the benefit of those students who are pursuing professional and vocational courses of study. The main purpose of developing Online Career Guidance System project is for college college to help students help students to explore and make decisions about their career. This project will manage vacancy details, training program details, job applicant details and many more. Even this project stores student profile information with bio data, computer skills and educational qualification details.

Video Demo of Online Career Guidance System

Online Career Guidance System Project Scope:

  • Online Career Portal is the web application which builds the career by providing tips and advice for university or college students.
  • The project is designed to create an Online based guidance tool that would help students explore and make decisions about their career strands.
  • It provides information about occupations, Training programs and educational programs for students.
  • This project will also be able to provide students to find the right career by giving them a chance to explore education and training options, as well as build a portfolio using internet.
  • Administrator can maintain records of student’s activity reports, Occupation reports, practice tests, training programs, etc.
  • Powerful tool for Career Guidance.
  • Easy to identify job recruitment.
  • Student can search vacancies online and they can apply for jobs.
  • Administrator or employees can view various reports.

Programming Language:

  • PHP:- PHP: Hypertext pre-processor
  • MySQL:- MySQL Database server

Modules of Online Career Guidance System

  • Student Account module: This allows students to create new account. After the registration student can login to the system. Student can upload resume and they can access all features of career guidance.
  • Upload Resume: Candidates who are eligible for the particular job should upload their resumes as stated within the position description. It should be in electronic format And CV document must contain all the essential candidate details.
  • Search Job: Students can search job offers by entering job title, category wise, course wise, company wise, location wise etc.
  • Job Category: Types of jobs that will appear over here are according to the educational institutional needs. It might be of any sort related to any of the fields that will come under their assistance.
  • Job application: Here employees can view job application details with students resume and profile details.
  • Vacancy module:- This module provides the students to search jobs, manage their profile. Also this module helps Students to directly apply for the job. It provides complete details of jobs with interview schedules, venue, interview details, etc.
  • Training material module:- This module provides specific information about educational programs and institutions that will prepare them for a career.
  • Dashboard module: This module is for administrator and employees to configure and monitor the website. Admin is having full authority of the website.
  • Settings module:- Only administrator or employees of college can access this module. Administrator has a unique account with much special access permissions over normal users. In this module administrator or employee can manage the details of employee details, vacancy details, training programs, course details, etc.

Download Online Career Portal

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  • Download Link contains 100% Working Source code with Complete Project Report.

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    Thanks student projects love

    • Yes we charged Rs. 300 extra for modifications Because our developers has work on your project.
      Once you check entire project, let me know if you get any issues in the project. We rectify it free of cost.

  2. I need this project

  3. Get we get mobile no. verified through OTP on student singup and add one feedback module . Let me know if there is all DFD,ERD,etc diagrams in report and also the total number of pages in report. 

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