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Milk Dairy Management System In VB.NET

Milk Dairy Management System In VB.NET

Milk Dairy Management System In VB.NET – The Software to be produced is based on Milk dairy. The Milk Marketing Software’s objective is to provide a system to manage a dairy and its marketing which is very huge. The end users’ day-to-day jobs of managing a dairy will be simplified by a considerable amount through the automated system.  The system will be able to handle many services to take care of all dealers in a quick manner.

  • In Milk Diary Management System admin register user details i.e employees of milk diary through the software and so that admin & user can retrieve and add information on it.
  • It is beneficiary for admin to assign tasks and duties to the employees instead of doing paper work and it will also helps in adding the dealers and customers in the database.
  • It helps admin/user to sell the product, make salary calculation and also can view dealer,customer,salary reports by admin.
  • Thus it decreases human effort and makes the system less time consuming.

Software requirements:  

  • Language: Microsoft Visual Studio (VB.NET)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server

Modules of the software:

  • Product:  When a new product is manufactured by the company, it can be easily added to the present list of product. Also the product name can be edited if necessary.  Along with this any outdated product can easily be deleted which seems no profit. The rates of the dealer’s product differ completely from the customer’s product.
  • Dealers: Any new dealers who wish to join the company for the marketing purpose can be added to the list along with the name of the route, where that particular dealer resides.
  • Customers: The milk products are sold to the customers. Records of the customers who are purchasing the milk products are added.
  • Billing: Once the customer, buys the milk products a bill is generated
  • Employee: When a new employee joins the company, his record is saved in the database.
  • Salary Calculation: Here salary is calculated for each employee based on their attendance.
  • Registration: As soon as the employee joins the company, the admin provides unique username and password to him.
  • Order: Here the dealer, order products by providing his Dealer number for identification and a unique order number will be generated from the software.
  • Bill: As soon as the dealer’s orders are confirmed, a bill can be generated including the dealers name and the specified route.
  • Dealers Report: When any dealer wants to check their report, any confirmation to be done with the company, is easily accessible which is already stored in database by entering his name or by a specified ID given by the company.
  • Salary Report: Here the user can look through the salary given to an employee for a particular month and year.
  • AdhocSales: Any person who wish to buy an individual product, directly by visiting the company is also possible and a separate bill can be generated. But here rates differ compared to a dealer buying a set of products.
  • Display: A user can view information regarding employees working in that company, products, dealers and a demand sheet to be submitted to the manufacturers.
  • Logout: This module allows the user to Logout the application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits

Download Milk Dairy Management System In VB.NET

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