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TV Advertisement Portal

TV Advertisement Portal

This TV Advertisement Portal project is Online Advertisement Management System. This project is for TV news channels which helps their advertisers to promote advertisements through online by making payment. The advertisers can upload advertising contents through online for website ads, video based ads and for text scroller ads. Advertisers have option to make payment through online for published advertisements. This system has another feature for advertisers where they can sponsor for the events and for stage functions.

Project scope

  • Customer can post video based ads, Scroller ads, website ads and banners.
  • Customer can set number of  times , program type to publish their ads. The system calculates cost automatically depending on program and number of times the advertisement should display. Customer can make payment through online.
  • GST tax calculation can be done automatically for each orders.
  • Admin or management  can host events and they can send request for sponsors through online.
  • Admin or employee can post or publish articles, news. Published news and articles appears in the website.

Top Level DFD:

Programming Language

  • Design: HTML, CSS           
  • Programming: PHP
  • Database: MySQL Server
  • Validation: Javascript, Ajax
  • Template design: Bootstrap

Project Modules:

  • Advertisers Account: Advertisers needs register to the system to publish ads. Advertisers can view published ads, expiry date, renewal date, Payment report, etc.
  • Advertisement board: In the advertisement board the advertisers can post or publish advertisements for website, video based ads and text scroller ads.
  • Payment module: In the payment module advertiser can make payment through online. After the payment the advertisement goes live.
  • Stage program module: The admin or Employee can upload stage program details in this site. Advertisers can sponsor for stage programming.
  • News and Article module: The administrator can publish news and articles in this module. Advertisements will appear in the right side of the news and articles section.
  • Dashboard module: The dashboard designed for administrator and employee to monitor complete features of the website. Admin has full authority to delete and update the records and Employee has limited authority.
  • News broadcast module: In this module administrator can upload news content and streaming news links.
  • TAX master: GST tax settings can be done in this module. The payment calculation depends on given tax settings.
  • Transaction report module: This module displays transaction report of income, expense and profit/loss report.

User Types:

There are 3 types of users using for this system.

  • Advertiser:

Advertisers can promote digital advertisements through online by putting text ads, image ads, video ads, website ads, etc to the local news channel and their official website. Advertisers need to register and pay to publish advertisement.

  • Administrators:

Administrator is the main user who has full authority of the website. The website settings are available for administrator.

  • Employee:

Employees are workers who works for the company. Employees can upload latest news and articles in the website.

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