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How to run Online banking script

How to run Online banking script – Running an online banking script requires the appropriate software and hardware, as well as a secure and reliable internet connection. First, the appropriate software and hardware must be installed and configured to enable the script to run properly. This can include setting up a web server and database server, as well as downloading and configuring the banking script software. Once the software and hardware are set up, the banking script can be uploaded and tested to ensure that it is functioning properly. Finally, the banking script should be secured using encryption and other security measures.

Install XAPP

XAMPP is a free, open-source web server that can be used to host web applications locally on your personal computer. Here are the steps to install XAMPP on your local PC:

  1. Download the XAMPP installer from the official website:
  2. Run the installer and follow the prompts to install XAMPP.
  3. When the installation is complete, open the XAMPP control panel.
  4. Start the Apache and MySQL modules by clicking the “Start” buttons next to them.
  5. To test that XAMPP is working correctly, open a web browser and enter “http://localhost” in the address bar. This should open the XAMPP dashboard, which shows the status of the Apache and MySQL modules.

That’s it! XAMPP is now installed and running on your local PC. You can use it to host web applications and test them in a local environment before deploying them to a live server.

How to run Online banking script

To run a project in XAMPP, follow these steps:

  1. First, make sure that the Apache and MySQL modules are running in the XAMPP control panel.
  2. Next, copy the files for your project into the “htdocs” folder, which is located in the XAMPP installation directory. The default location is “C:\xampp\htdocs” on Windows.
  3. Open a web browser and enter “http://localhost/online_banking” in the address bar, where “online_banking” is the name of the folder that contains your project files. This will run your project from the local server.
  4. If your project requires a database, you can use the PHPMyAdmin tool, which is included with XAMPP, to create a database and import any necessary data.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  1. sir plzz send this project in java ………………..reply sooon

  2. Can I run this on Xamp server aside Apache?

  3. How can I run this on Xamp server?

  4. Can I run this on Xamp?

  5. Hi.

    Ok. So, I uploaded the script to my server, imported the database to phpMyAdmin and made changes to my db_connect.php file. But, when I try to go to the login screen, I get the and error on line 3.

    Here is the link: Thanks for your help.

  6. Can someone send me the banking db [email protected]

  7. in which software should i open the php files…as now am using notepad…do tell some other software which would be helpful with least errors…..and my database is working…although many errors in many files….thanks in advance…plz reply asap

  8. I really need the database. Can someone please send it to me?

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