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Online Cake Order

Online Cake Order

The Online Cake Order project is for customers to order cakes through online for home delivery or pick up from shop. As the internet users are increasing exponentially, the company has introduced Online Cake Ordering System for taking orders from customers. This system not only improves customer’s experience but also eases the workload on the staff of cake shop. This project developed using PHP and all the record stores in MySQL database.

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The main scope of cake order project is:

  • This system helps customer’s to place orders through online also eases the workload on the staff of cake shop. This system will make things easier for staff as whole ordering process is done by customer only.
  • As most of the things will be performed online, it will reduce the usage of paper for the cake shop.
  • Online cake order system is a web based application which enables customers to order cakes through online for home delivery or pick up from the shop.
  • It would be much more comfortable for the customers to have an online cake order. It would be hassle free for users as they can select the cake they want and make payment for it. Also it will reduce the purchasing time for customers.
  • This system will help customers in ordering custom cakes. So the customer will pick exactly the things which he/she wants in their cake. This will surely enhance the image of the cake shop and customer satisfaction will be more.
  • This system will give option to the customer for online payment.
  • This system will provide customer all the details of his order before making order. This confirmation will help customers to check the items ordered with their prices.
  • This system will show the time by which the order will be delivered to the customer. For pick-ups customers can fix the time by which they will pick their order.

There are three types of users in this system:

  • Administrator: The administrators are super users where they can add item details, users, tax settings, promo codes, etc.
  • Staff: Staff can view orders and billing report.
  • Customers: The customers can order cake through online. The customer should register to the system by entering their profile details.

Software Requirements:

  • Apache server
  • PHP
  • MYSQL server

Modules of Online Cake Order

  • Account module: This account module is for customer. When a customer visits the online cake order site, the system will ask to login or sign up. The customer needs to enter details like Name, phone number, address. The customer can login to the system by entering email id and password. The customer can update his profile details, password in the account module.
  • Item module: This module which displays cakes with name, image, description and cost. The system which displays customers a menu in which all the cake items will be shown with their prices. Each cake will be shown with their image and price.
  • Chat module: The chat module helps customer to communicate with staff directly. The customer can post queries, feedbacks, in the chat module.
  • Cake Order module: In this module the customer can order cake items through online. Before ordering cake the customer should add items to the cart. Items added to the cart will be saved, so that customer can choose other cakes as well. Customer can order cart items by entering checkout button. Even the system will ask delivery address or pick up date and time before making payment. After the payment, order details will be shown and confirmed.
  • Customized Cake Order module: This module helps customer to send customized cake order. The customer can communicate with staff regarding customized order in the discussion panel. After the approval of quotation and customized design the customer can order for the cakes.
  • Promo code and Discount module: This module discount coupon and promo coupon for customers. The customer can enter discount code while purchasing the item.  
  • SMS and Email notification module: For every order the customer will receive a notification. Even the system will send the bill and invoice copy to the customer’s mail id.
  • Tax module: The administrator can configure tax settings in this module.
  • Report module: In this module admin can view order report, billing report, customer wise purchase report, date wise purchase report, etc.
  • Dashboard module: The dashboard module is for administrator where admin can add items, staff, category, promo code, etc.

Download Online Cake Order Project:

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