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Android Travel Management System

Everyone in this world likes to travel across the globe, go on tours and enjoy travelling. But going on tours with our family, relatives or friends is possible only when you know the route and proper plan to reach the destination. For this purpose there are tours and travel agencies across the globe that fulfills our wishes to reach our intended destinations. But the problem is that we have to go the particular travel agency and inquire about the details of the destination. It will be time consuming, waste of energy, fuel and what not. Moreover if we do not get information about the destination that we want to go to in the particular travel agency that we had inquired then finally it might end up in dropping of the tour that had been planned. This Android Travel Management System project will solve all these problems.

Android Travel Management System

To solve these problems, the travel agencies are moving a one step ahead in developing the tours and travel management applications. This enables the user in selecting their required destination, tour package information, ticket booking, online payment and search facility for the customers of different destinations. You can also include the information about different resorts that are present in the particular destinations. The application that is created must be user friendly. Information that is necessary about the required destinations must be organized in a good manner. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. There are many travel agencies and their android app made available in Google play store. You can go through it and list out the pros and cons. You can create a travel management system android project and improve it by seeing the other available travel management system apps.

The features that can be included in travel management system Android project are as follows:

  • Information about all the famous destinations
  • Information about tour package
  • Online ticket booking option
  • Online Payment option

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