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Online Bookstore Project

Online Bookstore Project

The Online Bookstore Project is a web application which is designed and developed to help the customers to purchase different categories of books from the publishers all over the world. The main objective of this system is to make available the various genres of books of different authors from the world to customers by sitting in one particular place. In the proposed system different kinds of e-books can also be purchased and downloaded by the customers. There are three users of this system that is admin, book seller and customer. The admin can add the book sellers, authors and categories of books to the store. The book sellers or publishers can add various genres of books. The customers or the visitors of the web page can view the various books and if they wish to purchase the book then they have to register and login to the system. The admin is one who manages the entire webpage and monitors all the users as well as the activities of the webpage. This project is a very nice student project and neatly designed project developed using PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) and MySQL.

The end goal of the project is to create a fully functional online book store that allows users to easily browse and purchase books online.

Project Scope

  • The customers must register to the website by entering all their details. Once the registration is successful they can login to the web page.
  • Customer can update their profile details and also they can change their password details.
  • The customers can then purchase the books they wish to read by adding it cart.
  • Once the payment is complete, they can view the download the e-books and other books will be delivered to their shipping address.
  • The customers can view their purchase report and billing receipt.
  • The book seller or the publisher must login to the website using the login details provided by the admin.
  • The books of their publications must be added by them along with the price and other details.
  • Once the customer purchase the book, the purchase report will be available to the book sellers and they can deliver the book to the shipping address provided by the customer.
  • The admin of the web page must add the book sellers and authors.
  • The admin can add the different categories of the books. Once the category is added based on the categories the different books can be uploaded by the admin.
  • The admin can view purchases done by various customers and also the admin can view the customer details.
  • The admin is the one who manages the entire web page and monitors all the users as well as the activities of the web page.

Modules of Online Bookstore Project:

  • Admin account module: Admin is the one who manages the entire website and also has the full authority over all the activities of the online book store. The admin monitors the other users of the website.
  • Book seller account module: Book seller is added by the admin. They must add the different categories of books published in their publications for the user to purchase.
  • Customer account module: Customer must register by entering all the details. Once the registration is successful they can login to the web page by entering valid login credentials.
  • Category module: in this module, admin can add the various categories. The category includes the name of the category and description about the category.
  • Author module: In this module, the admin can add the various authors all around the world. The customers can view the books written by various authors through this module.
  • Book module: this module allows the admin or the book seller to add the books of different categories by mentioning the publication, description and type of the book. It also includes e-book, paperback book and hardcover book.
  • Digital download module: If the customer has ordered e-book and completed the payment process then they can download the softcopy of the book in this module.
  • Purchase module: The purchase made by the customer can be viewed in this module. The admin can update the delivery status of the customer’s purchase in this module.
  • Billing module: This module allows the customer to view their bill receipt once the payment is done. The book sellers and the admin can view the billing report in this module.

Video demo of Online Book Shop:

Here is the video demonstration. We explained in detail about this project:

The project would likely include the following components:

  1. A catalog of available books, which would be stored in a MySQL database and retrieved using PHP.
  2. A user interface for browsing and searching for books, which would be created using PHP and HTML/CSS.
  3. A shopping cart, which would allow users to add books to their cart and track their selections.
  4. A checkout process, which would allow users to enter their shipping and billing information and complete the purchase.

Download Online Bookstore Project and Project Documentation

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