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Salon Management System

Salon Management System

This Salon Management System application is developed for unisex salon. This Beauty Spa Management is a system, created to help for unisex salon in discovering the growth of the business. It’s more than just an appointment system which help in managing the day-to-day task and giving more time for what they love most. This helps Salon owners to maintain relation with clients using its features POS , Inventory, Appointment etc. Salon Management System is a standalone System that supports multi user. It is mainly used for maintaining the Investments, Stocks, Appointments, offers, Employee payroll, Bills etc.

Programming Language:

The SALONGENIUS shall run in any Microsoft Windows environment that contains VB.Net platform and the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database.

Modules of Salon Management System

  • Entry to Capital investments
    • Introduction: Stores Furniture and equipment investments.
    • Input: Entering the details of the furniture and equipment’s
    • Processing: Investment details will be stored
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Entry to Stock information
    • Introduction: Stores Product information
    • Input: Entering the Product details
    • Processing: Product details will be stored
    • Output: Generation of Stock report.
  • Entry to Appointment Information
    • Introduction: Stores Customer appointment information.  
    • Input: Entering the Appointment details.
    • Processing:  Appointment details will be stored.
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Entry to Client information
    • Introduction: Stores Client information’s.
    • Input: Entering the personal details of Customers.
    • Processing: Customer details are stored.      
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Entry to Offers information
    • Introduction: Stores Information’s of  available offers         
    • Input: Entering the Student offers or general offers.
    • Processing: offer details are stored.  
    • Output: Proper data will be stored as well as can be retrieved.
  • Entry to Employee information
    • Introduction: Stores Each and every Transaction of employees.
    • Input: Entering personal as well as payroll details.  
    • Processing: Employee details are stored..     
    • Output: Employee payroll report is generated.
  • Entry to the Bills
    • Introduction: Stores the Customer invoices.            
    • Input: Entering the Service details and payment information’s.
    • Processing: Customer invoices are stored.
    • Output: sales report is generated.
  • Entry to the Income and expenses
    • Introduction: Stores the expense details. 
    • Input: Entering the expense details.  
    • Processing: Expense details are stored.         
    • Output: Spa income report is generated.

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