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Automated Wish System

An automated wish system is a computer system that is designed to automatically fulfill wishes or requests made by users. This could be used in a variety of settings, such as in retail stores, at vending machines, or in home automation systems. Overall, an automated wish system can be a useful tool for automating the process of fulfilling user requests and improving customer satisfaction.

There are several key components that might be included in an automated wish system:

  1. Input interface: This is the mechanism by which users input their wishes or requests. This could be a touch screen, a voice recognition system, or a physical button or control.
  2. Wish processing: This is the software or hardware that interprets the user’s wish and determines how to fulfill it. This might involve accessing a database of available products or services, or interacting with other systems or devices.
  3. Output interface: This is the mechanism by which the system communicates the results of the user’s wish to them. This could be a display screen, a speaker, or a physical mechanism such as a vending machine dispensing a product.
  4. Tracking and analytics: This component of the system is responsible for tracking and analyzing user wishes and the system’s responses, in order to identify trends and improve the system’s performance.

Languages used:

This application is built using the JSP,JAVA and the maintenance of the database is done through the Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

  • Front end: JAVA and JSP
  • Back end: MS SQL Server 2005
  • Project category: Social Network Website / Web application

Modules of Automated Wish System

  • User module: The user can access their account information and they can view the details. The users  can modify  the personal and contact details in this module .
  • Mail Generation Module:In this module mail operations are going to perform.The users can send the wishes any date to the existing other users.
  • Reports Module:In this module, the user and administrator can generate the different types of reports according to their access
  • Authentication and security Module:In this module, the users of the system are identified with their username and password and thereon users are given proper access according to their privileges.

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  1. Micheal Marvin Attah-Obeng
    March 17, 2014 at 5:47 AM

    Am offering computer science and i need advice on how to pick an interesting project topic and the best way to do such a project…

  2. i want working procedure for automated wish system, please upload as soon as possible.

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