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The Hunt – Shopping mart app

The Hunt – Shopping mart app

Shopping martShopping doesn’t just mean visiting a retailer’s website and making purchases using a mobile phone. Today, the latest mobile app technology is turning smartphone users into smart shoppers as well. One such technology is The Hunt – Shopping mart, which uses recognition technology to make finding products using a mobile phone easier than ever. This android application contains different categories like Electronics, Trousers, Food items, Clothes, Footwear etc. User can select items from the available list and send the selected data to the server.

With great development in technology, life is also getting busier day by day. Shopping for the latest and greatest is no longer limited to the mall. In recent years, people are interested more doing online shopping rather than visiting particular shops. One of the main reason for online shopping is, it not only saves time but also has a huge collection of different products at one place.

User can select the items instantly from home or any other place by using this application and can get the items to user door step without going to the shopping mall. The main advantage of mobile app is the personalized content based on the preferences and usage patterns. A shopping cart is an essential in the list. Our phenomenal layouts and visionary UI design guarantee an exceptional mobile shopping experience.


  • Simple Navigation to browse the Products
  • Personalized content based on the preferences and usage patterns..
  • It also notifies customers about their online order being ready for pickup.Expense management is simple and clear.
  • Suggestions for frequently ordered products
  • Large, Functional Product Images

Project Category: Mobile application


The Hunt Shopping app is the clear path to mobile evolution, but we also optimize it into present the most inviting and engaging digital experience possible. Must-have shopping cart feature improves the shopping experience for the consumer or make it easier for the merchant. User can choose the items instantly from home or any other place by using this application and can get the items delivered to user door step. Verity of products will be available so instead of going for different shops all the required items available at one place. It will save time as well.

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