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Ice-Cream Parlour Management system

Ice-Cream Parlour Management system

Ice-Cream Parlour Management system project provides application to the company which orders the ice creams from the dealers and sales the ice-cream. The requirements are collected from manual records of the ice cream manufacturing industry. It is mainly used for maintaining the Ice cream Products, Stocks, Booking, Customers, Employee, Bills, Supplier etc. These systems use software program’s that track the quantities of a product that are produced and sold by a company. The end users day-to-day task will be simplified by the development of this application.

Product Features

The majorfeatures of the Ice-Cream Parlour Management system are organised according to its main components. The features of are as follows:

  • Keeps the track of the transactions done in the Parlour.
  • Up-to-date Reports are generated.
  • Stock details are maintained.
  • Customer details are maintained.
  • Employee Details is maintained.
  • Sales details are maintained
  • Reduces manual work and time consumption
  • Provides Data security
  • No Data loss and Misuse of data is avoided.
  • All programming logic and processing shall be implemented in Vb.Net.
  • The project depends on the user’s ability to understand the features of the project and able to use to the best of his/her use.

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Visual studio (VB.NET)
  • Microsoft SQL server


  • Products Details: This module consists of two kinds of products.
  • Parlour products: This includes the information of the products which aresold inparlous.
    • Retail products: This includes the information of the products which are soldtotheretail customers.
    • Company Details:This module consists of company’s information.
  • Order Details: This module consists of basic order details from whom the ice-cream is purchased.
  • Customer Details:This module consists of personal information of the regularcustomers.
  • Bills:This module consists of generating bills for the customer.
  • Dealer: This module consists of information of the dealers from whom the companypurchases the required ingredient.

Download Ice-Cream Parlour Management system:

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