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Electronics Shop Management System SRS

Electronics Shop Management System SRS

Electronics Shop Management System SRS – Electronic Shop is a process of storing the products which is capable of maintaining storage of large amount of products. The primary purpose of this application is to implement the above stated functionality. The application should be capable enough to store the products and also perform some updating on the products that is stored. It will be having user friendly GUIs that will guide the user to easily achieve the same. The application shall also have some features like reports displaying in the same window. In addition to this the application also supports feature to search products. It can also search products based on criteria so that the employees will be able to view the same. The application is to be fully developed under vb platform.

The product functions will include the following areas:

     The application is capable enough to store different products and also perform some editng on them that is added.It will be having user friendly GUI’s that will guide the user to easily achive the same.

  • AdminForm
  • User Form
  • Adding users
  • Adding products
  • Updating users
  • Updating products
  • Searching users and products
  • Report generations

Modules Electronics Shop Management System SRS

  • Master: This module allows the administrator to edit the certain information to store     in the database such as changing password, stocks details, purchase entry details, sales details.
  • Inventory: This module is used to track all the inventory details of the electronic item i.e; Sales and purchase details.
  • Reports: This module which generates reports on weekly,Monthly basis. It generates Item Details, Profit/Loss, Stock Details, etc. This module is used by the system administrator.
  • Stocks: This module allows the user to search for the particular items available in the electronic shops and it also include the item details, company Information, etc.
  • Complaints : This module allows the customer to complaint about items. The customer complaints will mail to Companies or distributors.
  • Installment scheming: This module allows the user to pay for items on weekly or monthly installments.
  • Help: This module allows the user to gives the information about  how to use the application.
  • About: This module gives user information about developers of the project.
  • Exit: This module allows the user to exit from the application.

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