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PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) Shop-Script

PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) Shopping cart script written in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) with theuse of MySQL Database. This works in PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) 4.0 and PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) 5.0 . Shop-Script is a open source application and  product of WebAsyst LLC, a privately owned international company. This company introduced this Script three years ago. Started using it as a web store for selling our ink and toner cartridges. The main storefront template is index.tpl.html (this template defines layout of your shopping cart design). Please open this file in your HTML editor and make necessary changes in it (change colors, logos, etc.).


PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) Shop-Script

Front End Shopping


PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) Shop-Script






-Shop Script Free is a PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) based shopping cart system that is very quick and easy to install.

– No CSS in templates, (you can do-it yourself)

General features:

  • Fully open source code (PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor))
  • MySQL database driven
  • Very fast
  • Uses Smarty template engine
  • Design is separate from PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) scripts and is pretty easy to customize
  • Works exactly the same in all major browsers — Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari
  • Multilingual interface «wrapper» — all interface elements which are not stored in the database can be easily translated into any language
  • Unlimited number of products
  • Hierarchical product category tree (unlimited category nesting)
  • Basic product description tools — upload product image, edit description in HTML (WYSIWYG editor is not included), price, customer rating
  • Structured presentation of products in storefront effectively indexed by search engines
  • Product search by name
  • Shopping cart (session based)
  • Simplest one-step checkout
  • Orders are stored in the database
  • Order notifications by email

Download Project Source Code :

Comments ( 3 )

  1. nice project so far, error free and pretty easy to customize code and GUI. one problem I notice is that after admin logs in, there is NO LOG OUT option. how did you miss that??? the sample/demo data file is a plus,especially since i hate to populate db tables

  2. There is no project files at the link !

  3. very mch needed script but Download link doesn’t work

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