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Customer Relation Management System

The objective of the Customer Relation Management System is to handle all the Customer-supplier relationship between different sectors through this automated system. This automated system will help in reducing the paper work by the user drastically. It keeps all the important information saved safely in the database which can be taken back up from time to time. The system is user friendly and easy to use easy to use. The efficiency is improved for everyone involved by the automated systems. Data storing is easier.

Project title: Customer Relation Management System (CRMS)


The “CRM” is helpful in keeping information about leads or customers and to be in contact with them always. Any issues of the customer will be noted down in this automated system and with respect to it, the issues will be solved. The software is able to gain all the information required.

Project Category: Network based Application


The software to be produced in on “Customer Relation Management System(CRMS)”. At first comes the customer master. This includes the customers who have already in contact with the company and are on with company business. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details. Next is the lead. Leads are same like customers with business opportunity where the company wants to do business with them. Their complete information is noted down in the automated system. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details. This also includes the name of the person from the lead information was available. Now the user/admin enters the name of the employee and assigns lead to collect information and to carry on business. When the employee logs in, he can view the entire assigned task and the deadline. According to it, the employee visits the lead office. If he gets any business, it will be entered in this system. Finally the user can estimate how much business each employee has got. Employee master is included where the user can enter his name, address, contact and his basic salary. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details. Reports can be generated for any month. Admin has more authority than any other users. He can choose any user to use the software and the modules he select, can only be viewed and used by that particular employee. Admin provides username and password to employee for login purpose.

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Customer Relation Management System

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