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School cum College Management System

School cum College Management System

School cum College Management System is a software application developed using VB.NET. This project is a new-edge technology designed specially by considering the needs of the educational systems. Microsoft SQL server database is used to store the record. The software helps the educational institutes to track the major functionalities and manage the academic and non-academic operations with its advanced and user-friendly features. It reduces the workload of staff by automating the daily operations.

Managing college and school tasks has essentially been a manual, paper-based process. This School and college management software allows you to manage everything digitally. This is easy to install and ready to use management system. With this reliable and secure solution the college or school can now achieve the goal of becoming a paperless organization.

This School cum College Management System software application is a complete ERP solution specially developed for techno-savvy colleges and schools. This solution is designed in order to minimize the complexity faced by colleges and schools to manage semester simultaneously. This advanced software has all the features incorporated which are needed to handle all the required activities. This software which manages  Students profiles, Attendance report, Employees records, Fee details, transfer details of schools and colleges .This system has more than 50 forms. It has 2 users, i.e; Administrator and Employees. It has 7 modules.


  • Provides an interactive platform
  • Helps in reducing paperwork by 60 percent
  • Automated and quick report generation
  • Store complete information centrally and without redundancy
  • Real-time monitoring of students’ performance.

Project modules:

  1. School module
  2. Admission module
  3. Employee module
  4. Transaction module
  5. Display module
  6. Report card module
  7. Identity card module

Programming Language

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Future scope of the Project

The School cum College Management System software embeds the latest technologies like cloud integration, biometric, online learning, and makes the system fit for the current and future

Download this project:

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  1. could u redo the title pls..

  2. Pravinkumar Birajdar
    March 10, 2014 at 6:22 PM

    download link is broken

  3. how do i get database for this project

  4. I run the project it works fine but cannot allocate more than 6 students to their respective classes and cannot allocate fee to more than 6 students. Please I need the whole project. Sir please help me. waiting for a positive response at Thanks

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