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Hand Written Pattern Recognition System

Hand Written Pattern Recognition System

Hand Written Pattern Recognition System, this project aims to develop software which will detect handwritten character in an applet. Hand Written Pattern Recognition can be accessed throughout an organization. The application is basically confined to English language. The software will be developed using Neural network concepts. This application will dynamically detect the character.

Project title:

Hand Written Pattern Recognition System

Software Requirements:

  • Java 1.4 or More
  • Swings
  • Windows 98

 Hardware Requirements:

  • Processor                     :           Pentium IV 2.6 GHz
  • RAM                           :           512 MB
  • Monitor                       :           15”
  • Hard Disk                   :           20 GB
  • CD Drive                    :           52X
  • Keyboard                    :           Standard 102 Keys
Download source code:



The source code has only the modules of this project. We have not implemented any design part in this source code. By downloading this source code you can do any types of design. But please dont try to edit existing source code. Because it works with some functions. Even you can create database to store records in this project. Currently we have not created any database to store this project records or any results.


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  1. how to downd this project

  2. oh, it is the project in my interested. Thank you for your post.

  3. how to download?

  4. how to download coding?no link

  5. how to download code?

  6. i want coding where is it please somebody upload it

  7. sir.. plz send me d details of dis project
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