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Central Library Management System

Central Library Management System

The Central Library Management System project is developed using JAVA technology and Microsoft access database used to store record. The aim of the research work is to develop the system for issuing  BOOKS to students, teachers, by using existing Campus Network infrastructure By Using Advance Technology and make the library system more effective and more efficient. Add books, issue books, return books, Fine calculation, Yearly report are the main features of this project.

Tools and Technology used:

• Java Technology

• Java Swing

• Java AWT

• Java Database Programming

• Open Database Connectivity.

• Microsoft Access 2000 database

The software is developed using Java as front end and Oracle as back end in Windows environment. The goals that are achieved by the software are:

  • Instant access.
  • Improved productivity.
  • Optimum utilization of resources.
  • Efficient management of records.
  • Simplification of the operations.
  • Less processing time and getting required information.
  • User friendly.

Class Diagram of Central Library Management System

Whats in this library Management System?

  • Main Form
  • Add Books
  • Issue Books
  • Return Books
  • Add Year
  • Fine

Database tables:

  • tblbarrowedbooks
  • tblbarrowers
  • tblbooks
  • tblcategory
  • tblcourse
  • tblfines
  • tblschool
  • tblusers
  • tblyears

Project Screen shot:

Default Database password and connection name:

ODBC Connection name: LibrarySystem

Download project code:

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  14. this code has an error.

    protected void loadCategory() throws SQLException

    JDialog JDAdd = new Category();;

    } //load Category

    in class Setting there is this piece of code, but category doesnt have a default constructor at all. also category in not an object of JDialog and the cast cant be done. please check it out. thanks so much. god bless u 😀

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