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Hostel Allocation System

A hostel allocation system is a software application that helps hostel owners and operators assign rooms to guests based on various criteria, such as availability, room type, and price. Hostel Allocation System is the computer-based system, specifically designed according to the requirements of Welfare Unit of Yaba College of Technology. It stores Students information, Allocated and Unallocated room details, registration form, Hostel, room details, etc and also it generates reports. In designing this system, the system was specified in detail. This involves identification of inputs, files, processing, output, hardware, costs, accuracy, response times and controls.

Project title: Hostel Allocation System

  • Front End: Visual Basic 6.0
  • Back End: Microsoft Access 2003

Some key features of a hostel allocation system may include:

  1. Real-time availability: The system should be able to track the availability of rooms in real-time and allow guests to make reservations accordingly.
  2. Room type and price filtering: The system should allow guests to filter available rooms based on factors such as room type (e.g., single, double, dormitory) and price range.
  3. Customized room assignments: The system should allow hostel staff to assign specific rooms to guests based on their preferences and any special requirements (e.g., disability access).
  4. Check-in and check-out: The system should allow guests to check in and check out electronically, either through a kiosk or online portal.
  5. Billing and payment: The system should allow guests to pay for their stay online or through a secure payment gateway.

Overall, a hostel allocation system can help hostel owners and operators streamline the process of assigning rooms to guests and improve the overall guest experience.

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