Live Chat Queue Management System

Live Chat Queue Management System allows businesses to handle customer queues smartly and speedily. This project developed using PHP and MySQL server. This project is the real time customer engagement chat plugin. It gives information to website visitors regarding their waiting queue list in chat queue.

Live Chat Queue Management System allow you to monitor how incoming chat requests are handled when there are limited agents available Online. This allows queuing option for each and every. If agents are not available free for the queries, then it puts incoming chat requests on hold. Queuing allows agents to operate efficiently and shows the number of queue list.

Features of Live chat Queue Management System

  • Having a good Live chat queue management system in website makes the job easier for everyone.
  • This project enables company to give value to customers which can facilitate more sales.
  • This will create transparency between website customer and chat agent.
  • It will reduce the wait time and it will notify customer about chat queue list.

Video demonstration

Download Live Chat Queue Management System

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7 months ago

Hi this is not work on php 7, can you help me thank you