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Face Recognition based Door lock system

Face Recognition based Door lock system

A Face Recognition based Door Lock system is a type of access control system that uses facial recognition technology to grant or deny access to a building or specific area within a building. The system typically includes the following components:

  1. Smart Lock: This is the physical lock that is installed on the door. It can be controlled and monitored remotely using a smartphone or web application.
  2. Camera: This is the device that captures images of the person requesting access. It can be a standalone device or integrated with the smart lock.
  3. Facial Recognition Software: This is the software that analyzes the images captured by the camera and compares them to a database of authorized individuals to grant or deny access.
  4. Cloud Platform: This is the server or service that the system communicates with to control and monitor the lock. The cloud platform can also provide additional features such as access control, event logging, and user management.
  5. User Interface: This is the app or web page that users interact with to control and monitor the lock. It can also provide additional features such as lock status, battery level, and lock history.

The project would involve designing and implementing the hardware and software components of the system, including the smart lock, camera, facial recognition software, cloud platform, and user interface. The project would also involve testing and implementing security measures to ensure the system is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

The system could also include a fallback mechanism, such as a keypad or RFID card, in case the facial recognition software is unable to grant access.

Overall, face recognition based door lock system provides a more secure and convenient way of controlling access to a building, as it eliminates the need for physical keys or access cards and relies on biometric authentication.

Face recognition-based door lock system is an ML project

This project can be used to open the door lock of home or office using face recognition system

This project provides more security to the home or office

If the unauthorized person tries to open the lock it will send the report to the authorized person.

The authorized person can track the record of the users when opened the lock with date and time

This will send the notification to the authorized person when unauthorized person tries to open the door

Things used:
-Raspberry Pi kit

Cost: Rs. 10000

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