Dental Clinic Management System

Dental Clinic Management System software

Dental Clinic Management System is a Dental Clinic Management software promotes easy data entry and usage. It includes patient’s personal information, medical and dental history, treatment plan, patient education, case reports and statistics. This makes your dental practice more convenient, efficient and precise, thus promoting a paperless office.

We are committed to bring the best way of management in the various forms of Dental Master System. We understand that Dental Master System in not a product to be sold, it is to manage the inner operation of Dental Clinic with best system functionalities.

Front End: VB.NET
Back End: SQL Server 2008

Software Requirements:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
SQL Server 2008

MODULE DESCRIPTION:The System has different modules for various activities.

Patient   Personal Details :
This is the patient Details page. All the details of the patient are recorded from the options given here.

This module is used to handle Daily Patient Appointment for the consultancy for a particular Time.

This module is used to store each Patient Treatment details  along with Date,tooth  number,  etc.

This module deals with the activities related to storing the Prescription for a patient like Dosage, days  etc.

Case Reports:
This module is to see the full Patient History of Treament,Priscription along with their dates.

Includes the authorization right on the Master tables data’s, and also some special Rights.


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7 years ago

how to restore the dental.bak and dental1.bak files???

7 years ago

Hi this is a very nice and informative blog. keep it up.

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4 years ago

Kindly i am requesting for the database for this system. May God bless you.

4 years ago

i beg you assist me with the Database for this system. Kindly