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Web Vehicle Agent System

We have developed a web application Web Vehicle Agent System to the vehicle agency with user friendly application for their clients and the management. This Web Vehicle Dealer provides a system to the management to keep a record of the vehicle details, their customer details, and employee details and even the payment details through a web application and even they can connect to the world.

Web Vehicle Agent System

The company till now is doing all the vehicle transactions manually and the company stores the clients details and the vehicle details and the RTO document transfer details in paper files, this method is not accurate and keeping the record details in paper files is not easy and they find it very difficult to maintain the record in paper as they have to do a lot of transactions every day and till now they have so many files that if they want to find any details of their clients or the vehicle of a year back then it might not be possible with them to find it out. So we have developed this web application.

The “Web Vehicle Dealer” stores the day to day transactions of the management digitally and helps the management to keep a track of the transactions in an easier way. The clients can search for the vehicles they wish to buy through the web and they can place the order of the vehicle they wish to buy and if they are not satisfied with the list of vehicles that have been uploaded in the site then they can even send a request message to the vehicle agency. Any client who wants to sell their vehicle to the vehicle agency can send the details of their vehicle to the company through online and the management can easily satisfy the customer’s needs.

A message receiving system is available where the seller will receive a message after when the R.C transfer is done and even the purchaser will receive the message regarding the R.C  transfer so that he can collect the documents.

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  21. Taurai Tanaka Mutero
    July 7, 2016 at 5:30 PM

    the project is great. Please send the database they is no folder named backup with database file on [email protected]

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