real estate portal

Real Estate Portal is the web application based on ASP.NET. This real estate website has feature search functions that provides an easy way to search real estate listings for real estate buyers and renters. This is the powerful website to property lease, rent and sale marketplace. SQL Server is the backend of this project.

real estate portal

Project title: Real Estate Portal

The customer needs to register to this site. After the registration they can login by entering valid login id and password. The administrator or owner of the website can sell or leaser properties through online. Admin has full permission. Customer can change password by entering old password, new password and confirm password.

Front End: ASP.NET

Back End: SQL Server

Modules of the Project:

  • Registration module
  • Login Module
  • Property module
  • Quick search and Advanced Search module
  • Advertisement module

Download Project Source code:

file download link

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