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Real Estate Portal

A real estate portal is a website or platform that is used to search for and view properties that are available for sale or rent. It typically includes a database of listings that can be searched and filtered based on various criteria, such as location, price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and property type. This is the web applicationĀ based on ASP.NET.

A real estate portal may also include tools and resources for buyers and renters, such as mortgage calculators, property value estimates, and neighborhood information. Some real estate portals also offer additional services, such as the ability to connect with real estate agents or request property tours.

Real estate portals can be used by individuals looking for a new home or rental property, as well as by real estate agents and brokers who want to advertise their listings and reach potential buyers and renters. Many real estate portals also include features for agents and brokers to manage their listings and track leads and sales.

Real Estate Portal

Project title: Real Estate Portal

The customer needs to register to this site. After the registration they can login by entering valid login id and password. The administrator or owner of the website can sell or leaser properties through online. Admin has full permission. Customer can change password by entering old password, new password and confirm password.

  • Front End: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Modules of the Project:

  • Registration module
  • Login Module
  • Property module
  • Quick search and Advanced Search module
  • Advertisement module

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