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Real Estate Information System

Real Estate Information System

The Real Estate Information System project provide system administrator to keep the record of customer information, reports, reservations, tax and configuration of the company. Also keeps record of the raw materials that has been used in constructing a project, their stock, quantity of materials used in the project. The system will reduce the manual calculations and also save the time to search any records. Billing can be done in short duration of time. Admin has the right to add, delete and update the information. Here we can maintain, add and retrieve all the records like project record, flat record, raw material record, booking record, payment of the customer in a single database system.

Product Features

The data represented in construction software application will perform the following major function

  • Registering the new projects
  • Searching in the existing projects
  • Booking the flats
  • Customer payments
  • Calculating the payments
  • Generating reports
  • Employee details
  • Raw material record is maintained

Project category

This is a window based Stand-alone application

Languages to be used

  • Front end:
  • Back end: MySQL server

Modules of Real Estate Information System

  • Project details: Project module includes the new project which has to up come in the future and can also search for the existing project. It also includes the tax configuration. Tax configuration is updated by the admin.
  • Customer: Customer module includes the customer enquiry form. Search for the previous and present enquiries which has done by the customers. Booking form is used when customer is ready to pay the advance. Also it stores all the information regarding the customer, when customer books a flat.
  • Payment: Payment module will include the customer payment and the maintenance payment of the clients to the company.
  • Report: Report module includes all the payment reports and the maintenance reports of the construction takes place.
  • Raw Material: This module keeps the records of available and used raw materials. Also can get the message if the total available quantity is less than the limit value..
  • Employee details: Employee module contains all the details of the employee’s working in the company their salary, post, address, attendance. Also keeps the details of labourers their attendance, salary etc.

Download link for Real Estate Information System

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