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Coffee Bean Inventory System

Coffee Bean Inventory System

Coffee Bean Inventory System provides an easy access of the data in advanced and ordered fashion. This helps to maintain the details of the labours working in the coffee bean inventory and generating their weekly wages and day to day attendance. It enables updating of daily works done by the labours in the company. It also enables stock tracking, Expenses, Customer details and billing. Coffee Bean Inventory System is designed and built to meet all the requirements of a coffee bean inventory and to help the owner and receptionist in managing their stock and expense details an effective manner. With just a few clicks the user can view stocks, sales, client details, labour details, expense, salary reports etc..

This project aims at creating an application which will automate the process in Company. Using this it is possible to keep a track of a database for company like information about the labour like personal information, salary information, attendance, pay set information. The project is used for collecting, managing, saving, and retrieving all the information for the labours,clients and for creating reports for the sales and expense report.

Software Interfaces

  • Operating System         :      Windows
  • Front end                      :      VB.Net
  • Back end                       :      SQL Server

Modules of Coffee Bean Inventory System

  • Registration Module: In this module, User (Receptionist) is provided with the user name and password by the admin. Details added can be viewed, updated and deleted.
  • Company Module: This module consists of company’s information.
  • Fruit Stock Module: Before Pulping, the Fruit is collected and detailed record of the fruit stock is maintained.
  • Wet Stock Module: After pulping the fruit stock, the wet stock is produced of two types of quality. Quality one is the cherry and another is the parchment. How much of fruit stock is pulped, into cherry and parchment is maintained.
  • Dry Stock Module: When the clients purchase the coffee bean i.e cherry and parchment, the stock is maintained as of how much of cherry and parchment bags are in stock. Each cherry and parchment bags are of 50 kgs. Basically, we maintain the stock of the two types of qualities which are in hand.
  • Clients Module: This module consists of personal information of the regular clients.
  • Bills Module: This module consists of generating bills to the clients which also consists of the transportation details. Once the billing is done, it also updates the stock.
  • Expenses Module: This module consists of expense details of the estate. Monthly / yearly expense reports are generated. 
  • Labour Module: This is used to store the information about the labourers at the company. The information includes Name, address and contat number. This information does not have high   
  • Salary Module: For each worker in the company there is a pre-set minimum wage per day. Attendance is taken for each worker daily. This function has high priority as the final salary generation Depends upon the values we set here. Salary is generated weekly.
  • Task Module: In this module, the various works which are done by the labours are added.
  • Labour Work Module: In this module, which labor has done what type of work on a   Particular day is maintained so that a detail record of the labor work details can be checked any time.

Tables related to the project:

  1. Admin Login: It stores the admins user name and password.
  2. Registration: It stores the user name and password of the Receptionist which is provided by the admin.
  3. Labour: It stores the labour details.
  4. Task details: It stores the various works in company
  5. Payset:It stores the basic salary and OT  for the labours
  6. Labour Works: It stores the labour works in company.
  7. Attendance: It stores the daily attendance of the labour.
  8. Salary: It stores the salary of the labour based on  attendance
  9. Item Price:It stores the rate for Cherry and Parchment
  10. Clients: It stores the client details
  11. Cherry Stock: Stores the cherry Stock
  12. Parchment Stock: Stores the Parchment Stock
  13. Company: Stores the company detail
  14. Expense:Stores  the expense detail
  15. Bill: It stores the bill detail of the client

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