Electronic Shop Management System

Electronic shop management system  is developed specifically to ease the needs of the Department of sales and purchase. This system will reduce the manual operation required to maintain all the records of sales and purchase. This system allows to search number of  stocks details of electronic items with appropriate company.This application shall also have some features like profit loss  reports displaying in the same window. It will be having user friendly GUIs that will guide the user to easily   achieve the same.In addition to this the application also supports feature to generate different kinds of reports.  The application is to be fully developed using Visual Basic.Net. Hence its main intension to computerize the electronic shop.

Electronic Shop Management System

Electronic Shop Management System

Project ID: 041120110105

Electronic Shop Management System allows to view the details of the sales and purchase details. It contain the information of the stocks and complaints.

Customer, Products, Billing Generation: Automate the current manual bill generation system and maintain the searchable customer, products database and product invoice, maintain the data security, user rights.

Report Generation: A Report Generation system will be developed for the user and management of eBilling and Invoicing System. This system will have both details and summary type reports for analysis the sales volume, sales trend, and available stock.

Thiswill be used to collect the data of sales and purchase. It    generates the profit & loss report and iteasily helps to find any information.
Thiswill be helpful in finding different stocks of items available in the shop and towhich company the product belongs. It also tells whether the product will beavailable in the shop or not. All of the details can be found in this.
·        COMPLAINTS:-
Thiswill be helpful in registering the complaints in the stocks from the customerthat will improvise the service.
Thiswill be helpful to the customer who can pay the money in installments like monthly or weekly etc.
1) 40 GB hard disk
     2)256 MB RAM
     3) Peripheral devices
     4) Processor:intel® Pentium or above.
  The software is developed with all thebasic controls and class provided in VB.net along with SQL Server 2005 or 2008 as database.Windows XP or aboveinstalled on the system. Application Package must be installed.


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