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Fire and Gas detection

Fire and gas detection systems are designed to detect and alert the presence of fire and gas leaks in a building or industrial facility. These systems typically include the following components:

  1. Sensors: These are the devices that detect the presence of fire or gas. They can include smoke detectors, heat detectors, flame detectors, and gas sensors.
  2. Control Panel: This is the device that receives signals from the sensors and sends an alarm signal to the appropriate authorities in case of detection.
  3. Alarm Devices: These are the devices that alert the presence of fire or gas, such as sirens, strobe lights, and horns.
  4. Communication Devices: These are the devices that send alerts to the appropriate authorities, such as a telephone dialer, cellular modem, or IP communicator.
  5. Monitoring: This is the process of monitoring the system and the devices, to ensure the system is working properly and to perform maintenance and troubleshoot when necessary.

The system can be integrated with other systems such as Building Management Systems (BMS) or Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, to provide additional functionality such as automatic shut-off of gas valves in case of a gas leak or activating the sprinkler system in case of fire.

The importance of fire and gas detection systems cannot be overstated as they play a crucial role in preventing fires and gas leaks, and protecting lives and property. They are required by most of the building codes, and must be designed, installed and maintained by certified professionals following the local and international standards.

The fire and gas detection system is a clous based IoT project

This system is used to detect the fire or leakage of gas and smoke

The authorized person can be alerted about fire or gas detection using mobile through android application

This system also alerts the surrounding people with sound alarm if the fire or gas is detected

Android application shows the live data air quality using graph with date and time

Android application shows all the previously records of the fire or gas detection with date and time.

The application shows the live data of temperature and humidity of the room.

Things used:
-Gas Detection sensor
-Fire detection sensor
-DHT11 Sensor
-Voltage converter
-Bread board
-Jumper wires

Cost: Rs. 7000

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