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Anti Phishing Online Banking System

Anti Phishing Online Banking System

The Project Anti Phishing Online Banking System is the  Fraud Detection Online Banking system is mainly designed to maintain the security for the user accounts by encrypting and decrypting the passwords using antiphishing concept. Some customers avoid online banking as they perceive it as being too vulnerable to fraud. The security measures employed by most banks are never 100% safe, but in practice the number of fraud victims due to online banking is very small. Indeed, conventional banking practices may be more prone to abuse by fraudsters than online banking. Credit card fraud, signature forgery and identity theft are far more widespread offline crimes than malicious hacking. Bank transactions are generally traceable and criminal penalties for bank fraud are high. Online banking can be more insecure if users are careless, gullible or computer illiterate. An increasingly popular criminal practice to gain access to a user’s finances is phishing, whereby the user is in some way persuaded to hand over their password(s) to the fraudster.

Anti Phishing Online Banking System
  • Phishing is a trick to trap a user to give his/her personal information.
  • A Hacker creates a duplicate website which is a replica of the original genuine website.
  • Now, the Hacker sends an e-mail to a user (here, a bank customer) giving a link and saying that his account needs to be updated or his account has been locked and asking him to send his account details immediately.
  • Now, the customer may fall for his trick and clicks the link, because the link would look similar to the genuine bank’s link (under which, the hacker’s URL is hidden in that). Now, when the link is clicked, the customer is re-directed to that fake website (created by hacker).
  • Customer thinks that he has reached a genuine website and gives his account details and personal details thinking that the e-mail is from genuine website.
  • The account details are now re-directed to the Hacker. Thus, the Hacker is successful in cheating the customer.


Processor : Intel Pentium III or Above
Ram : 256 MB or more
Cache : 512 KB
Hard disk : 16 GB hard disk recommended for primary partition.

Operating system : Windows XP or later
Front End Software : ASP.NET (C# .NET)
Back End Software : SQL Server 2005

Download Anti Phishing Online Banking System:

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