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Online Examination System in ASP.NET

Online Examination System in ASP.NET

Online Examination System project we made in ASP.NET. This project randomly chooses questions from a database. The test is a timed test where admin can change the duration of the test before it begins in the code. Student can leave a question un-answered and come back to the question (if time permits) using the Previous and Next Buttons.

Languages used:

Front End: Visual Studio

Back End: MySQL database

Online Examination System in ASP.NET

1. Login is authenticated against a MySQL database. Login ID and password stored in the database.

2. AJAX codings is used for the timer, allowing only the timer label to postback to the server each second.

3. Use of the Random class to generate questions from database. The system randomly select the  question from database. Currently we had given to pick 5 questions from database. You can Increase it manually.

4. Session Management using Cookies and Session Variables. The session variable stores questions and user details. The  Session Variable to hold the values during postbacks.

5. Use of javascript in the master-page to prevent the ‘Back’ navigation from a page (clearing the cache)  [Would love your suggestions on an alternative to this]

Download Link for Source Code

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