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Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software

Institute Management Software Solution is very customized and user-friendly software for Institutes. It has been designed to automate, manage and look after the over-all processing of even very large Institutes. This Software is capable of managing Inquiry details, Student Details, Faculty Details, Payment Details etc. It also provides very helpful report for managing the institutes in easy and accurate way. Institute Management system provides a single secure database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves real-time information.

Institute Management Software

Project Title: Institute Management Software

  • Students Registration and Admission
    This module takes care of all the aspects related to the Registration and Admission process of new students in various Classes i.e. Calling Applications, Filling Registration forms, Admission Tests and/or Interviews, Final Selection, etc., in Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Senior Secondary Section.
  • Students Attendance
    Here record about Students Attendance can be maintained and accessed in a very systematic and related information can be excavate and make available to the Institution Authorities and Patents easily.
  • Fees Collection
    Now stop worrying over a cumbersome process of keeping an account of each and every minor fees collection process as it can be taken care of by this module, which automatically keeps you informed about the entire process. It can easily depict the defaulters, dues on any of a student, a quick eye-view for management of total fees collected on a particular day / week/ month under various heads and similar other queries to be answered on a day-to-day basis.
  • Result Processing System
    This module will provide the unbiased system for the Students Performance Appraisal including the computerized generation of Mark Sheets for all classes and providing the modules for printing of Certificates and other official documents.
  • Result Analysis
    This is an important module for the real time analysis of Students performance in various term-exams conducted in Institution and Board Exams. Information about performance of students in all / a particular class in all / specific subject can be gathered on a single click and can be represented in graphical form. Like wise, information can be excavate for a number of combinations, in a figures and graphical form.
  • Payroll System
    This module facilitates an easy Payroll Generation with an effective off shooting & overcoming of all the manual intricacies. The module is an attempt to make available every necessary report, screens & output to a user in a friendly user-interface.
  • The System automatically calculates every numerical calculation with retrospective effect on entire system with user left with only feeding employee information only Once. The system produces the Salary Statement, PF Statement, Income tax Statement, Due & Drawn Statement, Pay slips, Employees Loan Statement and numerous other useful reports and powered with the unique Employee Information System where complete details of an employee regarding his personal and official details, salary details, detailed leave account, his income tax details and many more are available at one place.
  • Financial Accounting And Inventory Management
    This is an integrated module, which provides total solution for the Accounting and Inventory management needs of an Education Institution. It comprise of various reports like Receipt & Payment A/c, Income & Expenditure A/c, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Bank Reconciliation Statement, Cheque Printing, Purchase Order, Stock moment reports, min. & max. stock qty reports, and many other dynamic accounts and stock reports.

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  2. Muhammad Muzammil
    May 2, 2012 at 2:00 PM

    not processing to download y?

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  9. Could you please tell me how can I import this project in Visual Studio 2010?

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