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This is the our new version of Online Banking project in PHP and MySQL. The title says this project is all about e Banking system and it is developed using PHP and MySQL. This project will make you understand how the entire banking system works with Online bank account registration, Online fund transfer, e Loan application, Online FD account and many more. Entire transaction reports can be viewed with one or two clicks. Hence it is the matter of money we have given special security for banking purposes with OTP transaction feature.

Online Banking project in PHP and MySQL

This banking system has following features:

  • Customer can apply for bank account through online. Branch managers can verify and approve customers account. After the manual verification customer can login to the website by entering unique Login ID and password.
  • The system allows staff members to create multiple savings account, loan account, FD account under one customer.
  • Customer can check balance amount, transaction amount in their Savings account. Even customer can transfer funds, receive funds, etc.
  • Security: To transfer the funds from one account to another account customer needs to enter OTP and transaction password.
  • Customer can create Fixed deposit accounts through online. While creating Fixed deposit account the system displays total amount, Interest amount, maturity date, etc.
  • In the offline banking system employees can add funds or withdraw funds from customer account. Customer can pay loan amount and they can transfer funds to other accounts through employee.
  • Bank administrator is having full authority of the website he can configure the banking website.

Online Banking System Project Video Demo:

Programming language:

  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Modules of Online Banking System

  • Customer account: The customer needs to register to the system by entering Name, Email ID, Login ID, Login password, Transaction Password, etc. After Manual verification customer can login to the system. Customer can view bank account details, Loan Account details, and FD account details.
  • Fund Transfer: This allows customers to transfer funds from one account to another account after entering payee detail. Customer needs to verify OTP and transaction password.
  • Transaction module: In the transaction module the customer can view all kinds of transaction by entering date, account number, etc. The customer can generate and print report of transactions.
  • Loan Account module: Customer can apply for loan through online by entering desired loan amount. The system display interest amount automatically. Employee needs to approve loan account. After the approval customer will receive loan amount.
  • FD Account Module: Customer can create Fixed deposit account through online.
  • Customer profile module: In this module customer can update his profile details, Login password and transaction password.
  • Mail module: This allows customers and employees to communicate through mail. Compose mail, Mail inbox, Sent mail are the features of this module.
  • Branch staff: Branch staff can approve or suspend customer account. Branch staff can monitor entire transaction details of the bank. Even they has offline banking features (Bank Visiting customers) with Add funds to Customer account, Withdraw funds feature, Transfer funds from one account to another account, Loan payment from customer.
  • Dashboard module: This module managed by administrator. Admin can add various types of Savings account types, Loan account types and Fixed account types. Even administrator can add branch details and employee details.

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