Vehicle showroom project synopsis

Here we uploaded Vehicle Showroom Project Synopsis. Vehicle showroom management system describes the complete process of selling a vehicle to a customer from the dealer’s showroom. Before selling, the vehicle belongs to the fixed asset of the dealer’s showroom. So the main point of this scenario is posting the vehicle from a fixed asset to a current asset. While executing the process, the dealer can manually maintain the vehicle business transaction type, which means, the vehicle can be set as a new or used vehicle to sell to the customer. This scenario shows the process of new vehicle sales.

Vehicle showroom management system is ideal for dealers or resellers of any size. The vehicle showroom control panel can be installed on any Operating System. The product features include: easy stock inventory updates, full user management, photograph uploads, image optimization, marketing reports, and easy installation. This software does not require special templates, frames, coding, or server-side technology.

This project synopsis contains purpose of the project, process flow, different modules of the offline vehicle showroom, Features of this project and Software requirements. You can submit this synopsis for your student project. The project source code also uploaded in this website.

Download Vehicle Showroom Project Synopsis

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