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Python Projects for Intermediate

Python Projects for Intermediate

Hello, hope you are doing well. Hope you know Python is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. Here is the list of the Web based Python Projects for Intermediate. The projects are related to Artificial intelligence, Web scraping and some others. We at Student Projects Live provide high quality project guidance for students. When you start developing a project you start with learning many things. Here you can learn something by making a project. Here you will get some practical experience. When you learn Practically, you don’t anything.

You will get lots of free tutorials online and video tutorials in youtube.

List of Python Projects for Intermediate

  • Flight Ticket Price Predictor
  • Typing Speed App
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Email Automation
  • Paint Application
  • Whatsapp Bot
  • Real-Time Currency
  • Slide Puzzle Game
  • Tik Tok Game
  • Exploratory Analysis of Geolocational Data
  • Cricket alerts system
  • Multiplayer chess Game
  • Chat Tool – Transformer Conversational Chatbot
  • Weather Forecasting App
  • YouTube Transcript Summarizer
  • Instagram Automation Tool
  • Mining Twitter Data
  • Scrape a Website
  • Calculator using Python
  • URL Shortner
  • Traffic Signal Simulator
  • Color Detection tool
  • Online Organic Health Food Store
  • Typing Speed Test
  • QR Code Generator
  • Hospital Finder using Geographic Location
  • Fake news Detector
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Investorm Management Platform
  • Facial Emotion Detection
  • Automatic Salt Segmentation
  • Dice Roll Simulator
  • Online Shoes Shopping
  • Online Sports Turf Playground Booking System
  • Online Fraud Transaction Detection System
  • Online Employee Recruitment System
  • Tree Based Tourism Recommendation System

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