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Web Solutions with AWS

Web Solutions with AWS is a cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of services and tools for building, deploying, and managing web applications and websites. Some of the services that can be used to build and host web solutions on AWS include:

  • Amazon S3: A simple object storage service that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data from anywhere on the internet.
  • Amazon EC2: A scalable computing service that allows you to launch virtual servers and run your applications on them.
  • Amazon RDS: A managed database service that makes it easy to set up, operate, and scale a database in the cloud.
  • Amazon CloudFront: A content delivery network (CDN) that speeds up the delivery of static and dynamic web content, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images.
  • Amazon SES: A service that allows you to send and receive emails using your own domain name.
  • Amazon Route 53: A domain name system (DNS) web service that enables you to route users to internet applications by translating human-readable names like into IP addresses.

This Web Solutions with AWS Webinar covers the fundamental concepts about a website and how to deploy it in the AWS cloud, including the type of storage in AWS. The different methods of deploying it on one of the most popular services for maintaining static web pages, such as Simple Storage Service or S3 for short. We will also cover deploying a simple application with AWS Amplify, making it easier to deploy a dynamic website in the AWS cloud. At the end of the Web Solutions with AWS Webinar, the attendee should differentiate between the two different web pages and know how to deploy them in the AWS cloud.

Integrate Applications with AWS SQS

This is all about application integration, and the principle that we associate with application integration is decoupling. We are going to talk about Simple Queue Service, which is a service that eliminates the complexity and overhead associated with managing and operating message-oriented middleware and empowers developers to focus on differentiating work.

By using these and other AWS services, you can build, host, and manage a wide range of web solutions, including websites, web applications, and online stores.

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