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Analysis of Hostel Allocation System

Analysis of Hostel Allocation System

In this page we have attached Analysis of Hostel Allocation System. The proposed computer-based system is a Hostel Allocation System, which is specifically designed for the university hostel. In designing this system, the system was specified in detail. This involves identification of inputs, files, processing, result or output, hardware, costs, accuracy, response times and controls.

The proposed system however has the following features;

  1. Reliable, Flexible and Secure: This project provides reliable security measures, which protect the data and the package from accidental of deliberate threats that could cause unauthorized modifications, disclosures of destruction of the data and protection of the information system by the use of password.
  2. Reduce the paper work: It provides an automated registration of student details, storing information on the system rather than using bulky files.
  3. Add, Edit, Delete: It provides option to input the data at anytime with the ability to update the records in the system. Also it has option to delete the records.
  4. Room Allocation: It allows automatic and manual allocation of rooms to students while allowing the user to use his digression.
  5. Speed and Accuracy: It obtains greater speed and accurate in handling data and generating all kinds of reports.
  6. Report Generation: It provides efficient and effective means of producing hard copies of details by generating reports on hostels, departmental allocation, special rooms allocation, Vacated rooms, etc. First it generates preview report, if user clicks print button it takes printout (Default paper size: A4 Sheet).
  7. Add New Room or Students: It gives room for addition of new residential halls so as to make the system effective due to the ever-increasing population of students in the institution.
  8. Data Backup: It provides a Data Backup, which serves as a store of all records at the end of each academic session by simply clicking on a RESET button.

The system provides several reports and these reports are:

  • All allocated room details
  • All unallocated room details
  • Fully allocated room details
  • Partially allocated room details
  • Allocation by hostels
  • Special rooms allocation details
  • Allocation by department, coursewise, etc
  • Allocation by floor
  • Allocation by Gender
  • Student information, address, contact information, etc

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