Online Shopping Cart

Online Shopping Cart

The Online shopping cart allows customers to purchase items through online by placing the items in the shopping cart. This is a reliable, secure shopping site developed using JSP.Using this software, companies can improve the efficiency of their services. This allows users to make payment through online. The customer must add all the products in the cart before purchasing the items.

This web application helps customer to find different books, their chapters, syllabus and new books easily. Admin can add different types of categories and list of the books.

Book Category Module – Admin can create different categories in this module
Book Module – Admin can add different books in this module.
Search Book module – Customer can search list of the books in this module.
Registration module – Customer can register their profile in this module.
Login Module – Customer can login by entering login id and password in this module.
Admin Dashboard module – Admin Dasbhoard which has full rights to manage complete settings of the website.

Download Project code:
file download link

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