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BookStore Management System

BookStore Management System

BookStore Management System is the web application to automate all kinds of operations in the book shop. This project which maintains records of sales, purchase and staff records. It has two types of users i.e; Admin and Staff. This project developed using ASP.NET as front end and SQL Server as Back end.

Project modules:

Login Page: 

  • There are 2 types of role. One is Admin and another is staff.
  • Page access is restricted to their roles. This is done through base controller and all controllers will be inherited from base.
  • Credentials

Admin Section:

  • Products
    • Listings of Products, add, edit and delete.
    • Functionalities :
      • Listing is done in JQGrid and enabled sorting and searching.
      • Add/Edit is done through jquery popup and ajax call is done.
      • Delete is done using jquery and ajax call is done.
      • Validation is done through MVC Metadata.
      • For “Product Code”, its uniqueness is checked by calling function through ajax call.
    • Autocomplete text box
      • I am currently working on this. Added customer autocomplete text box to render customer detail
      • Also, added product autocomplete to render product info and calculate amount as quantity is entered.

Staff Section:

  • This is just redirected to simple page. I just wanted to show login with different role user.

HTML Integration:

  • I have integrated HTML templates in site. so if HTML is ready, I can integrate it easily.

Technologies :

  • Asp.Net MVC 4.0 , Entity Framework 5.0, Jquery , SQL Server ( Database is attached inside application), HTML template integration

Project Structure :
I have created 3 layers of the application.
Website – Here, I have added view, controller, content, scripts, images… all things that needed in website. Here, DAL and BAL references will be added.
Data Access Layer (DAL) – This will have schema of database. model and all generated table classed.
Business Access Layer (BAL) – This will have complete business logic of application which will have DAL reference.

Download Project Source Code:

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  1. how to run this project ???

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