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Online Stock Trading system

Online Stock Trading system

Online Stock Trading system project is a online application which is designed in language. This application works as a business mediator between supplier and purchaser organization. Every company requires help form other companies for building business ,this application works as a medium to solve problem. A stock exchange is an exchange (or bourse) where stock brokers and traders can buy and sell shares of stock, bonds, and other securities. Many large companies have their stocks listed on a stock exchange. This makes the stock more liquid and thus more attractive to many investors.

The comprehensive study of on “Online Trading System at Inter-Connected Stock Exchange of India bca Project“   has been an enlightening experience stressing on the position aspects on security trading. De-materialization of shares and online trading has done in whole lot of good to the issuer, investor, companies and country.

Online Stock Trading system modules.

Supplier information module: This module maintains the information related to all the suppliers who come up on to this site, in want of information or to conduct business. The module has higher-level bondage in integrity and exchanging information through the commodities information module.

Purchaser information module: This module maintains the information related to all purchasers, who are interested to dwell their business process with the ongoing suppliers who are in the list. They get integrated with the other modules like orders information module and while checking the credit rating of the suppliers in supplier module.

Orders Information Module:this module server the purchasers is raising orders again the suppliers to his module internally provides facilities for canceling the orders that have been raised in time or amending the orders that have been committed and awaiting for the process.

Commodities information module: this module provides the information related to all the commodities that are available. Within the specification system, and those that are registered by the suppliers, for the business association. All the commodities that are available in this module become part of the orders module while an older is raised.

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