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Citizen Card System

The Citizen Card System has been developed with a view to provide each citizen of our country with a unique id with which he can make use of all the services provided to him through our system. It gives us certain  information about other citizens in our country. A Citizen has unique Id to find out the personal information in each and every department or service wherever a citizen goes. This information can be found out by the unique Id of the citizen. If any citizen wants to utilize the services or utilities by the Government or Private organizations ,he has to go to each and every department with different Id for that particular  department. Instead, a citizen card helps in having all the utilities and services  under one unique Id. This system not only helps us to know the information about  the services or utilities but also it help citizens save money and time.

This System consists of the modules like Personal Information, Banking, Searching, Electricity bill payment, Telephone bill payment, Gasbooking, etc. The main objective of our project is to inter-relate different government sectors under a unique Id.

This article shared complete Project Report.

Contents of Citizen Card System

Chapters                                                        Page no:

  1. Introduction                                                                   01

1.1About the report                                                       02

  • Problem Definition                                                        03
  • Preliminary Survey                                                       04

   3.1.What is grid computing                                       04

   3.2.Existing System                                                     12

   3.3.Proposed method                                                  14

  • Hardware and Software Specification                         16

         4.1.Tool Study                                                             17

                     4.1.1.Java Features                                         17

                     4.1.2 MySQL                                                   23

5.   System Design                                                                24

         5.1.Module Design                                                      24

                     5.1.1.Grid module                                           24

                     5.1.2.Network Monitoring module                24

                     5.1.3.File transfer and message sending       24

                     5.1.4.Work stealing                                         25

                     5.1.5.Work assigning                                      25

                     5.1.6.Checkpointing and rollback                 25

                     5.1.7.Work flow diagram                               26

         5.2.Data Flow Diagram                                              28

                     5.2.1.Level 0 DFD                                           28

                     5.2.2.Level 1 DFD                                           29

                     5.2.3.Level 3 DFD                                           31

         5.3.Database design                                                    33

6.  Implementation                                                                40

7.  Result                                                                                44

8.  Conclusion                                                                        56

9.  Future Enhancement                                                       57

Download Citizen Card System Project Documentation

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