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Vehicle Loan Management System

The Vehicle Loan Management System is an application which specifies about the EMI(Every Month Installment) of a vehicle purchased on loan basis. This application states about the customer details and remaining installments and etc.

The Vehicle Loan Management System is a online application which specifies about the individual vehicle registered in the application and the major methods like applying the vehicle in details like vehicle number ,engine number ,customer mobile num, amount of loan amount which is to be paid monthly , customer ,monthly payment of the customer and the mobile num of the customer.

In the application the main advantage is that the date of the installment and the payment of the installment will be sent to the costumer’s mobile number tvehicleough SMS

The application contain the payment option which is applicable and logged in by the admin who uses the application and logged with the admin

The application mainly uses the platform DOT.NET which is case sensitive

 Vehicle Registration Tool gives the individual reports of the project, which contains time used for various tasks. In this tool costumer gives requirements to the ADMIN and makes an agreement with him. The new project information is entered by the ADMIN, based on the project information the manager will take resources from the VEHICLE and assign activities to developers who are working under him. Employees fill the time sheet and esubmitted to the costumer. This project deals with five modules – Costumer, Business development officer (ADMIN), Developer, Human Resource Manager (VEHICLE), Project Manager (PM).                      

Costumer deals with checking the status of the project by the costumer. Only the authenticated costumer login to the web page and checks in which phase the project is.                                               

ADMIN deals with collecting the requirements from the costumer and add the costumer details and project details into the database and also views and updates the respective details

Costumer deals with filling the timesheets. Updating and viewing the timesheets and also checking the project status.

FINANCE deals with providing resources to the project manager by checking the employee details like skill and designation. VEHICLE can also view the status of the project.

EMI deals with planning the project i.e. dividing the project into different tasks and assigning those tasks to the developers. PM also checks the timesheets of developers. Fills his own timesheet, updates and views the timesheet. PM can also check the status of the project.

Vehicle Project Mangaement Tool (SPMT) will do the following tasks:

  • Record monthly income of the costumer.
  • Define the monthly installment of the vehicle.
  • Keep a track of EMI schedules.
  • Record payment definition.
  • Phase wise project closures.
  • Assign resources to a project.
  • Access control for resources.
  • Take daily efforts from each resource.

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