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Ticket Management System

The Ticket Management System (TMS) objectives are to provide a system to manage payment earned by conductor in each day and its ticket generation which is very huge. The end users’ day-to-day jobs of managing a daily business will be simplified by a considerable amount through the automated system.  The system will be able to handle many services to take care of all passengers in a quick manner.

The efficiency is improved for everyone involved by the automated systems. Paper work is reduced. Data storing is easier. The system is user friendly and easy to use easy to use.

The Software to be produced is based on Bus Ticket generation. The activity is based on generation of ticket for each passenger. For each passenger, a separate list of all the routes where the bus goes are shown where a conductor can select and add the number of people. The amount is calculated .As soon as this procedure is done, ticket can be generated. All the information is saved in the database including the ticket no.

Admin has the authorityto add route details and rate for each seat depending for a particular way. And he also has the right to edit and delete details to/from the list. Admin provides username and password for each user. At the end of the day report is generated to calculate the payment of each conductor in each day.

Modules of the software:

Route: A new way is added which includes “from” place and” to” place. Along with this distance between those ways and rate per seat is added.Also the details can be edited if necessary.  Along with this any of the details can easily be deleted.

Report: Here the user can look through the ticket collected by each conductor and also can share the payment, he earned in each day.

Registration: As soon as the user joins the company, the admin provides unique username and password to him.

Ticket: As soon as the passenger tells the place from where and till where he wanted to travel, the conductor selects those 2 places and adds the no of person travelling. This information’s can be saved in the database and a separate ticket for each passenger can be generated.

Logout: This module allows the user to Logout the software application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits.

Project title: Ticket Management System

Front End: VB.NET

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server

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