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Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System

The ideal solution for Fleet Management System, is specially designed for Cab-Operators who operate a fleet of vehicles for hire. The vehicles maybe Cars, pickup vans, buses, etc. FLEET-CAB enables you to manage demand-supply position of vehicles, keep a tab on the mileage and reduce maintenance expenditure and operating costs. It automates your entire front-office operations like accepting customer bookings, allocation of vehicles & drivers prepare customer invoices. The system also takes care of all back-office operations like capturing of maintenance costs incurred, fuel purchase, accident records, service log etc. Admin Module handles the entire Master forms such as Company information, Employee information User allocation, change password, Vehicle type, vehicle tariff etc.


Fleet-Cab has been specifically designed keeping in mind the requirements of a cab operator. A cab operator operates in a service industry, which requires high standards of efficiency to be successful. A cab operator provides vehicles on hire to customers and bills them according to the tariff card. The key success factors in this business are quality of service, condition of the vehicle, competitive pricing, customer-interface etc. A cab operator has to keep tight control over these factors to be competitive and remain profitable.

Existing System:

Typically, the role of a Cab Operator is to Provide Vehicle on Hire from one place to another. He uses his own fleet of vehicles. Client is a Cab Operator to manage Demand – Supply position of vehicles on line, keep a tab on the Mileage, reduce maintenance expenditure and Operating costs. He maintains entire front office operations like customer details, Customer bookings, Vehicle Allocation, Vehicle maintenance Employee details etc., manually. At present all the business process is maintained by manually by using Bills, Vouchers, Ledgers, Books. So the total business process to be automated and computerized.

Proposed Automation

The main purpose of Fleet Management System is essentially to automate entire operations and Information of Vehicles at a particular given point of time. So that the Cab Operator and Their Customer can get best and fast Information about Their Vehicles and drivers at any Point of Time. He needs to exercise tight control on the operations and input costs if he is to provide good service at reasonable rates and yet remain profitable.

SCOPE OF Fleet Management System

The scope of the product to manage the front End & Back Office functions of a CAB Operator consists of the following key modules. It is to be noted that all the modules may not be applicable to all transporters.

  • Front-Office Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance Management
  • MIS Reports

Groups of Functionality:

There are 3 Groups of Functionality to be made available from the Fleet CAB

The 3 Groups of Functionality are:



The information specified in the Master is regarded static, in the sense that it is “Permanent” or non-changing or stable. The updates are infrequent and may be regarded as permanently stored in the Database. The Master Group has functionality to View / Change

  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Master
  • Employee Info
  • Vehicle Tariff

The information in Master may be changed only through the specified GUI.


Transactions deal with dynamic or transient data. Transactions do not affect the MASTER Data.

  • Accident Details
  • Maintenance cost
  • Service Log
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Customer Bill


This group of functionality causes queries to be invoked on the FMS CAB Database in order to generate various Reports they are:

Examples of Reports:

  • Specific to Front Office Module Reports
  • Specific to Maintenance Module Reports
  • Specific to Admin Module Reports

Front Office Automated:

Fleet-Cab comes in a plug and play environment supporting two modules – Operations and Maintenance.  The Operations module automates the front-office activities – customer bookings, allocation / Duty Slip of vehicles and customer billing. The system captures all-important details related to these activities for further MIS analysis.

  • Maintaining the Party / Customer details
  • Vehicle Booking Details
  • Vehicle Allocation
  • Vehicle Billing

Maintenance Module :

Free Yourself from Maintenance Headaches

The maintenance module allows you to capture the maintenance costs incurred on a vehicle on account of spares & labor.  The maintenance can be classified against a trip or service or breakdown.. It gives you analytical information on the average maintenance cost, mean time & mean-mileage between failures. You can also get a detailed report on each maintenance activity, and it can also tell you when the next service is due and when a particular document is supposed to be renewed.

The Service Log is updated in two instances – once when the vehicle is being sent to the service station and next when it returns back to garage after service. The Entry/ Edit tab is presented by default to enter the service particulars. The History tab enables you to view the service history details of the vehicles in the fleet. The View tab shows the existing service records for editing pre-service details, update post-service details or cancellation.

  • Maintaining The Accident Details Vehicle wise — Whenever an accident occurs the system should provide a facility to capture all accident details.
  • Managing the Services and breakdown of Vehicle
  • Maintain the service Log of the vehicle  –: Whenever a vehicle is sent for service or repairs, the following important details need to be captured

               Vehicle Number, Date & Time sent, Expected return Date & time

               Reason for Service / Repair – general service, breakdown repairs, accident etc

  • Alerts for Maintenance

Admin Module:

Admin Module handles the entire Master forms such as Company information, Employee information

User allocation, change password, Vehicle type, vehicle tariff, this module also helps to configure such as Financial year configuration etc.,

  • Maintaining the Details of the Company
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Master
  • Vehicle Tariff
  • Employee Master

Reports  :

MIS Reports were generated to keep track of the customer wise statistics, Vehicle usages, Vehicle allocation  during the days and year wise etc.,

Sequence diagram for user registration:

Sequence diagram for Booking Vehicle:

Development Environment:

Software Requirement :

  • OPERATING SYSTEM  : WIN XP, Win 2003 Server
  • FRONT END                     : ASP.NET
  • LANGUAGE                     : C#.Net, VB.Net
  • DATABASE                       : MS.SQL server 2005

Hardware Requirement :

  • Processor                      : Pentium- IV  Intel 80486
  • Ram                             : 512 MB Ram or above
  • HDD                            : 20 GB or above

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