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Vehicle Showroom Database design

Vehicle Showroom Database design – The database design for an online vehicle showroom would focus on storing and organizing information about the vehicles available for sale, as well as tracking customer interactions and orders. The database for an online vehicle showroom would typically include the following tables:

  1. Vehicles: This table would store information about the various vehicles available for sale, such as the make, model, year, price, and specifications. It would also include a field to store images of the vehicles.
  2. Makes: This table would store information about the different vehicle makes, such as the name and a brief description.
  3. Models: This table would store information about the different vehicle models, such as the name, make, and a brief description.
  4. Features: This table would store information about the various features that vehicles may have, such as air conditioning, navigation, and parking sensors.
  5. Inventory: This table would track the availability of vehicles in real-time, including the quantity in stock and the status (e.g., available, sold, reserved).
  6. Orders: This table would store information about customer orders, including the customer’s contact information, the vehicle purchased, and the purchase price.
  7. Customers: This table would store information about the showroom’s customers, including their contact information, purchase history, and any communication or support requests.

Vehicle Showroom Database design:

Tablename : admin

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.adminidint(10)Administrator idPrimary key
2.adminnamevarchar(25)Administrator name
3.usernamevarchar(25)User name
5.contactnumbervarchar(25)Phone number
6.createdatdateCreated time
7.lastlogindatetimeLast login time

Tablename: customer

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.custidint(10)CustomeridPrimary key
2.fnamevarchar(25)First name
3.lnamevarchar(25)Last name
4.contactnovarchar(25)Phone number
5.emailidvarchar(25)Email id
13.createdatdateCreated time
14.lastlogindatetimeLast login time

Tablename: dealer

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.dealeridint(10)Dealer idPrimary key
2.adminidint(10)Administrator idForeign key
3.companynamevarchar(25)Company name
4.imgidint(10)Image id
5.fnamevarchar(25)Fisrt name
6.lnamevarchar(25)Last name
7.usernamevarchar(25)User name
9.contactnumbervarchar(15)Phone number
11.createdatdateCreated time
12.lastlogindatetimeLast login time

Tablename: image

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.imgidint(10)Image idPrimary key
3.vehidint(10)Vehicle idForeign key
4.imagepathvarchar(50)Image path
5.defaultimgint(1)Default image

Tablename:  sales

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.salesidint(10)Sales idPrimary key
2.vehidint(10)Vehicle idForeign key
3.custidint(10)Customer idForeign key
4.showroomidint(10)Showroom idForeign key
5.vehcostfloat(10,2)Vehicle cost
6.taxidint(10)Tax idForeign key
7.ord_datedateOrdered date
8.del_datedateDelivery date
9.descriptiontextDescription of vehicle

Table name:  showroom

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.showroomidint(10)Showroom idPrimary key
2.dealeridint(10)Dealer idForeign key
3.showroomnamevarchar(50)Showroom name
4.imagepathvarchar(100)Image path
5.contactnovarchar(15)Contact number

Tablename: tax

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.taxidint(10)Tax idPrimary key
2.taxdescriptiontextTax description
3.taxfloat(10,2)Total Tax

TABLENAME: vehicle

Sl.noAttributeData TypeDescriptionConstraints
1.vehidint(10)Vehicle idPrimary key
2.dealeridint(10)Dealer idForeign key
3.vehnamevarchar(50)Vehicle name
4.vehmodelvarchar(50)Vehicle model
5.vehtypevarchar(15)Vehicle type
6.vehdescriptiontextVehicle description
7.vehcostdecimal(10,2)Vehicle cost
8.createdatdateCreate time

Vehicle Showroom ER diagram:

Vehicle Showroom Database design

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