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Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture is the Cloud based IoT project which has main feature of Automatic Plant Watering System by detecting moisture level of the soil. This project will help farmers in the agriculture field. Farmers can view live data of Moisture level in Graph. The Android Application will track live Temperature and Humidity of the field. This system also allows to Turn On and Turn of the automation system directly through Android App.

The main aim of Smart Agriculture project is to provide automatic plant watering system using Iot devices. Using this system user can save money, water and time. It will increase crop or any other productions. The system live tracking feature of temperature, humidity and moisture. Once the water pump is switched ON it automatically switches OFF after the appropriate moisture level is attained.

Without technology implementation it is very difficult to run any business in this Era. This project is very helpful for farmers to increase their profit in Agriculture business. This technology is not much expensive and it gives high quality result.

Smart Agriculture

Features of this project

  • This project will give up to date live temperature information and humidity details in Android App.
  • This is IoT project developed using Android – Java.
  • The DHT11 Sensor checks Moisture level and sensor sends signal to the water pump is switched on and off automatically.
  • This is Automatic plant watering system project which will save water and it will switch on the pumps whenever it is required. Even it will save money.
  • Using Android App farmer can Switch off and Switch on motors.

Things used to develop Smart Agriculture:

  • NodeMCU
  • Relay module
  • Mini water pump
  • DHT11 Sensor
  • Bread board
  • Jumper wires
  • Voltage converter

Cost: Rs. 7000

We deliver project kit and source code through courier. we provide explanation through online live voice chat.
Kindly contact our Whatsapp number – +91-9972853368

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