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Smart Parking System

Smart Parking System

In this Era, Smart Parking system must required in today’s world. Car Parking system will not resolve without proper system. We made a Cloud based car parking system which helps malls car parking areas and other car parking areas. This project shows Free car parking slots and allotted car parking slots automatically with IoT technology. Even this project has additional feature, when the car enters to entry gate, the system open entry gate automatically.

Smart Parking System

Features of Smart Parking System

  • This project will reduce users time as well as maintenance cost. It is one time investment for car parking owners.
  • We made a IoT based cloud integrated smart parking system which shows available car parking slots and occupied car parking slots.
  • When the car parks in the parking slot the sensor detector automatically and displays parked slot information.
  • The system calculates available car parking slots and occupied car parking slots.
  • Booking system is available for Car parking.
  • If any vehicle comes near to the gate the system opens the gate automatically.

Innovations in Smart Parking System

  • This is IoT(Internet of Things) module.
  • Realtime Monitoring system – This system tracks parking slots with sensor.
  • Car drivers can park their vehicle without searching free slots.
  • The system has wireless technology.
  • This system opens parking entry door automatically.
  • Parking counter staff can view free slots and occupied slots.
  • IDE: Android
  • Programming Language: Java

We have used following things to develop this project:
  • NodeMCU
  • IR Sensor (4)
  • Bread board
  • Jumper wires
  • Voltage converter
  • Relay module
  • Ultra-sonic sensor
  • Servo motor

Price: Rs. 7000

Kindly contact us for this project. We provide demo through online. We deliver project kit to your given address. This is student project or study project and you cannot implement this on real-time.

Enquiry: Kindly contact our Whatsapp number – +91-9972853368 to know more about it.

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