Android Controlled Railway Crossing Gates

Railway crossings are one of the crucial and most dangerous crossings in the world. A railway crossing or the level crossing is the crossing where the railway lines cross the roads or paths. The opening and closing of gates involves human operation through the manual lever pulling method. This will result in the increase of accidents at the railway crossing if the lever gets jammed at the time of arrival of the trains. But is it possible to control the railway crossing gates automatically. Yes, it is possible to control it automatically. The Android controlled railway crossing gates application helps to overcome all these problems. The opening and closing of gates can be controlled automatically through this application.

Android Controlled Railway Crossing Gates

Some people will be not aware of the railway crossings if they are new to the areas. Even people living in the same areas where the railway crossings will be there will usually forget about the railway crossings. They rush out with their vehicles. Some railway crossings will not have any indication of it being there. Sometimes there might be the fault of the level operator in closing or opening the gates. All these reasons result in the loss of precious lives of human beings. The Android application will act as a remote in controlling the railway gates. This will not require any human labor to manually open and close the railway gates. It can notify the station master about the arrival of the trains at the nearby levels. It will also help in reducing the number of accidents that occurs due to the delay of opening and closing of railway gates. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand.  This application will be very useful, reliable and economical at huge traffic areas, rural areas where there will be the movement of many trains.

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2 years ago

its good according to me