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Information Desk System DFD

Information Desk System DFD – A data flow diagram (DFD) for an information desk system might include the following components:

  1. External entities: These are external entities that interact with the information desk system, such as customers or staff members.
  2. Processes: These are the processes that occur within the information desk system, such as retrieving information or updating records.
  3. Data stores: These are the data stores that the information desk system uses to store and retrieve information, such as databases or file systems.
  4. Data flows: These are the data flows between the external entities, processes, and data stores. For example, a customer might request information from the system, which would trigger a process to retrieve the information from the data store and return it to the customer.

Here is an example of a simple DFD for an information desk system:

[Customer] –> [Request Information] –> [Retrieve Information] –> [Information] <– [Update Records] <– [Staff]

In this example, the customer is an external entity that sends a request for information to the system. The request triggers a process to retrieve the information from the data store, which is then returned to the customer. The staff member is another external entity that can update records in the data store.

The Information Desk System has six modules. They are System Administrator module, officer module, School principal module.


This module enables the officer to access the data that has been sent by the school principal. The officer will also return feedback to the school principal.


The module enables the system administrator to perform system and database backup or restore functions. The system administrator may view the audit log, which records all users access to the database. An event log that captures unsuccessful or unauthorized logon to the system is also available.


In this module the school principal is in charge of the schools activities. He is supposed to collect the required data such as the number of students, the number of teachers, the number of classes, the attendance of both teachers and the students.


To increase the speed and rate of service to be able to serve as many schools as possible in a quality and efficient way.


  1. To enhance better storage and retrieval of schools records.
  2. To enhance accuracy during analyzing and auditing of the schools records.
  3. To be able to give out response to the authorities and the schools in time.
  4. To enable the office to run its services smoothly.


Information Desk System DFD

Information Desk System DFD:

Information Desk System DFD


Input forms

login form

This is the form that the admininstator will use in order to be able to add, update and make reports on the data collected from the schools.

The headteachers will also use this form to enter the record required; of the students and the teachers before the end  of the month.

officer detail form         

This is the form that will be used to obtain all the information about the teachers and students. The number of teachers in the school, the amount paid the gender of the teacher and the number of teachers in a class. The number of students, the gender of students and their disciplines.

Administration detail form

This form will be used to analyze the information send by the school principal. The administrator will log in to the system and look through the records.

School Principal detail form

This form will be used by the school principle to key in data about the school.

Output Reports

The system generates reports on all reservations which can in turn be used by government in decision making.

Student’s reports

This report will display the student’s information like the attendance and the number of the students.

Teachers reports

This report will display the teachers records. The number of teachers in a school, the attendance of the teachers and their qualifications.

Inquiry report

This report will display the information about the school. The number of classes, the number of dormitories and the general school standards.


UserIDVarchar(30)PRIMARY KEY
PasswordVarchar(34)NOT NULL
NameVarchar(30)NOT NULL


User_nameVarchar(25)NOT NULL
IdnoVarchar(30)PRIMARY KEY
Student populationVarchar (24)NOT NULL
School DescriptionVarchar(30)NOT NULL
Number of schoolsInt(23)NOT NULL
Number of TeachersInt(38)NOT NULL
Annual Student Intake StatisticsVarchar(24)NOT NULL


F_nameVarchar(30)NOT NULL
L_nameVarchar(30)NOT NULL
Id_noVarchar (30)FOREIGN KEY
QualificaficationVarchar(26)NOT NULL
School NameVarchar(30)NOT NULL

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