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Chenne Mane Game Detailed design

This page contains Chenne Mane Game Detailed design. Detailed Design is the second level of the design process. Detailed design essentially expands the system design and the database design to connect a more detailed description of the processing logic and data structure so that the design is sufficiently for coding.

The software package contain of following functional components

  • Functional component 1:Login
  • Functional component 2:Player selection
  • Functional component 3:Game selection
  • Functional component 4:Score/result
  • Functional component 5:Alert

Main page

Description- This page is the home page which includes the options for the players to select the mode of game (LAN or Single), learn the game, view the rules and regulations about the game.

 If has selected the mode of game as Single end, then he can directly start playing the game on the next form. But if he selects the other option i.e.; LAN, he has to register (for new player) and then sign in to play the game with another player through Local Area Network.

page

Description- this page allows the players to log in to play the game (if the role is selected as ‘user’). If the role is selected as admin, then he has to enter the keyword to identify the admin power. If a new player wants to register, he can click the link available below the role combo box.

Register page

Description- Here a new player can register by entering his details. This data will be stored in the database. After this, he has to sign in to on the previous page to play the game.

Forgot password

Description- If a user forges his password, he has to click the ‘forgot password’ button. In this, he has to enter his user name. After this, a SMS is sent to his cell phone which displays his password.

Selection page

Description- When a player logs in, he has to select the opponent player from the list which contains the players who have logged in through LAN. By clicking against to their names, a message will be sent to them. If they accept, the real mode (playing mode) will start.

Play page (LAN)

Description- This page provides the two logged in players to play against each other. Player 1 will be the one who sends the request to another player. And the one who accepts the invitation will be the second player. The game will end at the end of three rounds. The player who conquers more number of seeds will be declared as the winner. The score and result of every match will be stored on the database. When a player creates a record of highest scorer, a SMS alert will be sent to the one whose record had beaten. This will force him to play again and re-conquer his high scoring position.

Play page (single end)

Description- This works similar to the above page, but one will not have to log in to play on single end mode. The match begins when two players enter their names on the textboxes. Then the match will be carried out on three rounds. This provides the way to play on one system, without the aid of the LAN.

Download complete Chenne Mane Game Detailed design

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