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Virtual Classroom Network

Virtual Classroom Network

Using this Virtual Classroom Network the Student can register to a course, attend the classes repeated irrespective of time constraint, attend the examinations and gets the results via this web application.  Another advantage of this system to be the Student can listen the class room session repeatedly which are uploaded by the Faculty. The Faculty can upload Assignments to the students, upload video or audio class room session which a student can download and listen as and when required.

Being an Administration we should be able to track the records of registered students, students of course completion, exams & results status, etc.

Advantages for Students

For students of virtual classrooms, advantages primarily concern access, time, and cost factors compared to those incurred from attending the traditional, physical classroom. Virtual classrooms remove the need to travel to a location in which to participate in the course or lessons, thus they are an advantage to students as they can be accessed from the student’s home and they do not have to pay for transport as they would if they were attending a traditional classroom. Virtual classrooms can be accessed from any computer that has the necessary software, hardware, Internet connection, and Internet browser requirements in order to participate in the virtual classroom.

Discussions and chat can be archived in the virtual classroom for instant reviewing, which is another advantage to students. The minimal time needed to participate in a virtual classroom is an advantage to students. Virtual classrooms are also diverse; students from many geographical locations can enroll in the virtual classroom, which gives students the advantage of working with others that bring different ideas and backgrounds to collaborative learning activities and projects, thus presenting possibilities and interests in fields not previously considered.

Modules of Virtual Classroom Network

  • Web Registration: The system has a process of registration.  Every student need to submit his complete details in the form of registration.  Whenever a student registration completed automatically student can get a user id and password.  By using that user id and password student can log into the system.  If registration process is completed successfully an email remainder is generated and sends to the citizen.
  • Administrators: Administrator is treated as a super user in this system.  He can have all the privileges to do anything in this system.  Admin can prepare course curriculum, along with course content by the help of the faculties. He can collect the course video’s and stored into in the centralized database. Another tasks done by the administrator is he can generates reports, log files, backup, recovery of data any time.
  • Faculty: Faculties can take lectures, uploads assignments, announcements, evaluate answer sheets and also upload lectures, and other discussions in various formats as in the form of videos and power point presentations.
  • Students: Students can choose courses, attend lectures, take exams, and view their attendance records, progress reports as per their convenience through this system only. One student can register multiple courses. Take their classes on the schedule time or later their convenience. By using the system interface student learn the courses properly and attend the exams as an online mode.  Results will be announced through online only.
  • Virtual Training: Asynchronous communication in the form of emails, discussion boards that enable communication to occur at “convenient-times” that suit student schedules and are not accessed at simultaneous or prearranged times.
  • Exam Conducting: When ever a student is completed his course, an exam should be conducted, students need to attend the exam properly. It’s an online exam. The results will be announced later after the papers are evaluated by the faculties.
  • Reports: Different kind of reports is generated by the system.
    • Student Progress report Request.
    • Faculty performance report.
    • Time based and request attendance reports for the students.

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